Accessory Love!

One of my favourite shops ever is Accessorize. I always love having a look in there when I’m out and I always make a list of things that I would love to own. I am a sucker for accessories, I love all kinds. It could be jewellery, hair accessories or purses and bags. You can never have too many!

Recently I went into London and I went in three different Accessorize stores and found so much stuff I wanted but I didn’t buy. I made a mental wish list and a plan to buy them when I got home when I could borrow my sisters student discount ha! I’m so lucky I waited because on Thursday (3rd July) I went on the website and discovered they had a sale on! Here’s what I got (and it was quite a haul with an original price of £78 altogether !) The ‘I got it for’ price includes the 10% Student Discount (click to enlarge the picture.) Anchor Shopper – originally £19.00, I got it for £6.75 Heart and Stone Earring Set – originally £6.00, I got them for £2.70 Terrance Turtle Earrings – originally £6.00, I got them for £2.70 accessorize sale
Hanne Heart Wallet – originally £15.00, I got it for £6.75 Sasha Colour Block Bag – originally £32.00, I got it for £19.80 I was extremely lucky with the Sasha bag because there were only FOUR left when it was in my bag and I love it! I usually go for black or beige bags but this bag is a mixture of bright pink, light pink, tan and navy! It’s so different to what I usually buy I can’t wait to get out and use it! Do you guys have any favourite accessory shops or websites? Share them in the comments!


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