Smoothie Daze

I am a sucker for a good smoothie and I’ve recently started getting back in to the swing of making them at home. A few weeks ago my parents got this amazing blender for just over £20 so I’ve not got an excuse to not make them.

2I’ve only used it twice for smoothies so far but both times they’ve been really great and both have tasted SO good!


This was the first smoothie I made, it consisted of watermelon, a banana, some grapes and a satsuma and some ice. It was so tasty, normally I stick to strawberries, blueberries and bananas but I couldn’t get over how refreshing and yummy this tasted. It’s definitely going to be a smoothie I’ll make again when I have the right fruit at home for it.

3This is the second smoothie, it consisted of a banana, some grapes and a satsuma, some ice and some fat free wholegrain apricot yogurt I had. It was nice and they yogurt made it a little creamier but definitely another recipe I would consider using again.

Do you guys have any favourite recipes you want to share?


Accessory Love!

One of my favourite shops ever is Accessorize. I always love having a look in there when I’m out and I always make a list of things that I would love to own. I am a sucker for accessories, I love all kinds. It could be jewellery, hair accessories or purses and bags. You can never have too many!

Recently I went into London and I went in three different Accessorize stores and found so much stuff I wanted but I didn’t buy. I made a mental wish list and a plan to buy them when I got home when I could borrow my sisters student discount ha! I’m so lucky I waited because on Thursday (3rd July) I went on the website and discovered they had a sale on! Here’s what I got (and it was quite a haul with an original price of £78 altogether !) The ‘I got it for’ price includes the 10% Student Discount (click to enlarge the picture.) Anchor Shopper – originally £19.00, I got it for £6.75 Heart and Stone Earring Set – originally £6.00, I got them for £2.70 Terrance Turtle Earrings – originally £6.00, I got them for £2.70 accessorize sale
Hanne Heart Wallet – originally £15.00, I got it for £6.75 Sasha Colour Block Bag – originally £32.00, I got it for £19.80 I was extremely lucky with the Sasha bag because there were only FOUR left when it was in my bag and I love it! I usually go for black or beige bags but this bag is a mixture of bright pink, light pink, tan and navy! It’s so different to what I usually buy I can’t wait to get out and use it! Do you guys have any favourite accessory shops or websites? Share them in the comments!



I’ve decided to start this blog because I need a hobby. I can’t knit and I can’t draw but I do love to share my little finds.

I have a teeny tiny nail polish obsession, I like to bake cakes and I am always looking for new recipes to try.

Here is where I’ll post reviews about things I buy and try, recipes I’ve tried, tested and want to share among other things!

Well I hope you enjoy!